25 years of breaking stories & creating headlines

Bjurwald Communications is based in Stockholm, Sweden and run by CEO Lisa Bjurwald, an award-winning journalist with 20+ years’ experience across the world (previously based in London, Rome, LA, Vienna, Prague).

Lisa Bjurwald is the author of six books, including three groundbreaking non-fiction works on political extremism. She's written for all major Swedish media outlets as well as international publications such as Der Spiegel, EUObserver, Politico, The Irish Times and Huffington Post.

She is a media and journalism analyst, public speaker, a regular columnist in The Local (English), Opulens and Journalisten, consultant, often appearing in news media as a commentator, and a board member of Reporters Without Borders.

Bjurwald Communications’ areas of expertise include media matters, publishing, journalism, freedom of speech, political extremism, xenophobia, inequality issues.

Clients range from NGO’s to large publishing corporations.

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